Air Care Scenting

We provide scenting services to leading establishments in the country with the introduction of Scentifusion Dry Air Scenting System to create a signature scent for every company in any industry.


Our Signature Scents:

  • Fruit Sensation
  • Floral Collection
  • Nature Fresh and Oceanic
  • Aromatherapy
  • Gourmet
  • Royal Arabic Attars

We give our clients’ guests a unique lifestyle experience.

  • Customized Scents
  • Precise Scenting Systems
  • Effective Scenting Serum


The world’s leading equipment of cold air expansion technology, natural essential oil by atomization system into nanoparticles into the air. 

We also provide our clients professional and value-added scenting service.

  • Free scenting consultation
  • Appropriate product offerings
  • Regular maintenance check

Industries that we are serving..

There are several commercial businesses that we are serving:

  • Malls                                     * Offices
  • Showrooms                         * Restaurants
  • Hotels                                   * BPO
  • Convention Centers           *  Airport
  • Condominiums                   * Salon

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